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Our price quote depends on the information you provide, estimating a house or office cleaning job isn’t  simple,  Before we get into establishing a price  we must see the house in question and do a evaluation, every house is different and unique. We DO NOT  provide estimates over the phone.

Different types of jobs like deep cleaning or vacant house cleaning will obviously take more or less time depending on many factors as size of the house, house conditions, (The dirtier the house, the more cleaning required, and the higher the price). the number of rooms and specific areas we’ll need  to clean, frequency of Cleaning, pets, location,  Additional services such as cleaning the windows, or cleaning the oven, fridge and blinds will add to your final cost.

Before your home is cleaned, a representative  will give your home a walkthrough so we can calculate how much we will charge you, The walkthrough will allow us to assess how clean your home is already, how much work we will need to do, and any structural or clutter issues that may make it difficult for our crews  to clean. We will take notes and give you an estimate based on our observations and your desires

The average  cost it may vary depending on facts as location and type of Cleaning project requested. Our representative will provide a flat rate after the home evaluation.

Up Cleaning reserves the right to form the size of the team of 2, 3 ,4 or 5 persons based on the schedule and personnel requirements for the current day.

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